Most “diet plans” for men over the age of 40 are COMPLETELY USELESS. You've seen fad diets come and go. You've probably tried some of them.

But the belly is still there. Your energy is down. Your libido took a dive.

You’re starting to shop for new pants again. You joke with your friends that you’re in shape because round is a shape. And as they all laugh, you secretly feel the guilt inside stab you one more time. 

You are better than that! You used to be athletic and competitive.

But somewhere, life got in the way and rightfully so because you can’t help but do the right thing. The marriage…the kids…the job…the commute…the lunches eaten at Chipotle…the skipped breakfasts…the gym membership that’s been slowly eating $27 out of your bank every month.

You keep telling yourself you’ll get back in the gym one day but everyday after work you’re too tired. That's not just from a stressful life. But from all the failed attempts to get fit in the past.

Something always got in the way, didn’t it?

The Fit Father Project is a must have for the busy man who is 40 years old or more. You never have to go to the gym or spend hundreds & maybe thousands of dollars per month on fancy diet food and fitness trainers.

How The Fit Father Project Helps Busy Men Over Age 40 Loss Weight, Build Muscle, Reduce Stress, Improve Overall Health & Regain Their Youth

October 7, 2022 | Advertorial | Dave Fortson

In Order To Make The Fit Father Project Work This Is All You Need

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Do not begin another fitness program until you've seen this.

If you are or know a busy guy over 40 then you should understand getting fit is completely different as you/he gets older.

Summary: The Fit Father Project is a comprehensive fitness program for men over the age of 40. It's creator, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, developed this program after tragedy struck his family which resulted in the loss of his father due to bad health. The program consists of 3 main components: diet, exercise & accountability (through a small group of other men with their own FaceBook group). This fitness program is unique because Dr. Balduzzi has considered all the differences between a younger man's general health and the health of men over 40 years old and beyond.

Good Health Gets Tougher With Time

How Do You Fix It?

The Fit Father Project is the world’s first comprehensive fitness plan designed specifically for busy men over the age of 40. This proven “Fit Father Program” you're about to discover has helped 43,899 busy Men 40+ burn 200,000lbs of fat and keep the weight off for good.

The Fit Father Project makes room for you to:

  • Enjoy healthy foods you love each day.
  • Follow a simple and easy workout plan.
  • Have some “unhealthy foods” every now and then without gaining fat.
  • Have the flexibility to eat out at restaurants and enjoy your life.

So if you're frustrated with failed diets… feeling tired all the time… getting winded easily… and you want to get yourself healthy so you can be around for your family, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi has created the solution for you.

What Do You Get With The Fit Father Project?

Most will be astonished at the results of this simple and comprehensive weight loss, muscle and stamina building program. So you're gonna get essentially 6 awesome things from the Fit Father Project:

The first thing family and friends will notice is a FIT NEW BODY. This is what happens when a man over 40 gets in shape using a program that’s meant for him.

Wake up feeling ENERGIZED before the alarm ever goes off. Science proves that weight loss and improved muscle building makes for better sleep and better sleep means more energy.

Regain the CONFIDENCE to take your shirt off and feel proud of the new lean body you've built. No one is arguing that you’ll become an arrogant jerk but confidence breeds ability to do what you were meant to do in life.

Be more PRODUCTIVE at work, because your mind is feeling so much sharper and your body has more energy and STAMINA. This is what gets most guys–work. But when you carve out 45 minutes of the day to do the Fit Father Project at home (no gym required) you will flip that stereotype on its head. 

Feel PROUD of the good example you’re setting for your kids & family. One of the main concerns of dads and fathers is that they are being a good example for their family. Most of being in shape is having the stamina, energy and will to spend time with those you love.

HEAL typical “age-related” aches and pains that are slowing all the other guys around you down. That’s right! The Fit Father Project’s goal is to defeat that unavoidable condition we call “A.G.E.”.

Have more PASSION and vitality in your love life, because your partner can’t keep her hands off you. Ummm….this one doesn’t need anymore explaining.

INSPIRE everyone around you with your transformation. Friends & family will see the “new guy” & get motivated to follow his lead. You or the guy you love is a leader. 

What's Up With The Diet Plan?

The diet is essentially a meal plan that consists of an extremely simple and flexible menu that let's you eat what you like and even have cheat meals. 

Weight loss is a PROCESS that requires consistent habits & behaviors. The cheat meals are scheduled & should be a reward for eating right the rest of the time. 

And although there are no magic weight loss pills, The Fit Father Project can make your weight loss process as simple, easy and effective as possible by leveraging a small subset of proven fat loss strategies that have been designed to work specifically with your metabolism as a man 40+

That’s specifically what The Fit Father “No Think” Meal Plan™ is...

This Fit Father Project Meal Plan is a set of simple, no-nonsense weight loss plan(s) that will enable you to get your first taste of weight loss victory.

What Are The Exercises Like?

The workout is called the APEX 10. It is short but intense. What a lot of people like is that inside the Fit Father Project exercise training are alternate exercises for anybody who is not yet ready for the APEX 10–which is simple enough all by itself.

25 minutes exercising at home without the drama of the gym is a big attraction for this program.

Time spent driving to a gym is time spent away from the family.

The main exercise routine however consists of dumbbell swings (or you can use two cans of soup), simple squats using the same dumbbells or soup cans, and an alternate push up designed for all levels of arm strength. 

Combined with the reps and sets this workout is challenging but doable & rewarding.

It will get increasingly harder as goals are met and Dr. Balduzzi has ensured that there is a plan to challenge you as the exercises get easier and your overall fitness improves.

How Do We Know The Fit Father Project Works?

  • 25 minutes, 3 days a week to exercise
  • About 6 feet of space next your bed to exercise & a couple of soup cans for weights (We're totally serious!)
  • A neighborhood or park to walk
  • No more than 2 hours per week to prepare meals

Don, Martin & Stephen (all above) are Fit Fathers who want to live longer & do more for the people they love.